Early 2016’s market volatility, what’s next?

Jan 30, 2016 | By: Mark W. Vermillion

Are you asking yourself “What in the world is going on with the market lately?!?” We think that’s a great question. Download (below) the fourth quarter update letter we recently sent our clients to see our perspective on the recent market volatility and how we recommend responding.

After our comments about the markets you’ll find an insightful article “2016: Ten Predictions to Count On” from Jim Parker at Dimensional Fund Advisors. It’s followed by some of our thoughts about how to deal with the future. We trust you’ll find our letter helpful and we welcome your comments and questions.

Here’s an excerpt from our letter, to help you deal with market volatility:

“Rather than worry about daily market fluctuations, there are positive steps you can take to influence your long-term financial success: maintain an emergency fund, properly fund your short and mid-term cash reserves, buy insurance to protect against catastrophic losses, save regularly if you are working, and control your expenses. Do what you can—within reason—to minimize your income taxes. We stand ready to help you in all of those areas.”

Remember, our associates at Johnson Glaze & Co., are skilled and experienced CPAs who are ready to support you in tax planning and preparation.

Please email us here with any questions or comments. Or call us at 503-304-9248.

Download the 2016-01-20 Q4-15 Quarterly letter here.

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